Sony Clie PEG-N760C Handheld
Sony Clie PEG-N760C

Best Sony PEG-N series accessories I choose for you:

Sony Memory Sticks: 16MB - 32MB - 64MB - 128MB

Lexar Media Memory Sticks (cheaper): 16MB - 32MB - 64MB - 128MB

Sony PEGA-MD700 Analog Modem for Clie PEG-N & PEG-S Series

Sony PEGA-SA500 Audio Adapter for Clie PEG-N & PEG-S Series

Sony PEGA-TK500 Travel Kit for Clie PEG-N & PEG-S Series

Sony PEGA-MSC1 Memory Stick Camera Module for Clie PEG-N, PEG-NR & PEG-T Series

(Read from and write to Sony Memory Stick(R) media in your ever-willing, sadly underestimated floppy drive)


(You'll be amazed what your PDA is capable of doing.)

Sony Clie PEG-N760C Technical data
  • Standard memory: 8 MB internal memory, plus 8 MB Memory Stick
  • Maximum memory: Additional 128 MB via optional Memory Stick memory cards
  • Expansion slot: Yes, Memory Stick
  • Other expansion: No
  • Display type: Reflective Color TFT Display
  • Display size: Information unavailable
  • Resolution: 320 x 320 pixels
  • Display backlight: Yes
  • Processor: Information unavailable
  • Operating system: Palm OS software version v.4.1
  • PC compatible: Yes
  • Mac compatible: No
  • PC system requirements: Windows 98, 98SE, Me, or 2000 Professional
  • Handwriting recognition: Yes, Graffiti
  • Keyboard: On-screen keyboard
  • User controls: Stylus, Jog Dial
  • Memo pad: Yes
  • Address book: Yes
  • Scheduler: Yes
  • E-mail: Yes
  • Web browser: Yes
  • Security: Yes
  • Stereo: Yes
  • Built-in speaker: No
  • Headset jack: Yes
  • Voice recorder: No
  • MP3 playback: Yes
  • WMA playback: No
  • Audible content playback: No
  • AC adapter included: Yes
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion Polymer rechargeable
  • Batteries included: Yes
  • Average battery life: Information unavailable
  • Serial: No
  • USB: Yes
  • Infrared: Yes
  • Wireless: No
  • Docking cradle: Yes
  • Other hardware: Stylus, protective cover
  • Software: Pre-installed: Clie Audio Player, OpenMG Jukebox v.2.2 (for PC), PictureGear Pocket, PictureGear 4.4 Lite (for PC), Memory Stick Gate, Memory Stick Autorun, Memory Stick Backup, Memory Stick Import, Memory Stick Export v. 1.1 (for PC); Value-Added Software: AvantGo, gMovie, powerOne Personal, Vindigo, Amy Reiley's Pocket Vineyard, Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet, AcidSolitaire, Bejeweled, StreetFinder Express (Rand McNally), PhoneMate, WorldMate
  • Width: 2.88 inches
  • Height: 4.75 inches
  • Depth: 0.69 inches
  • Weight: 5.65 ounces
  • Warranty, parts: 1-year limited
  • Warranty, labor: 1-year limited

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