Make start-up logos for your Palm

This program will enable displaying 16 bit grayscale logo for a moment each time you turn on your Palm.

* This program is rather old hack so it will not work on newer devices with Palm OS 5.0, as well as Hi-Resolution devices
* Logos are 16 grayscale, so you won't see color if you have color device
EuroCool Top 50 downloads How to see ImagerX Logo each time you turn on your Palm?
1. You must have utility for handling hacks installed on your Palm. If not - download and install X-Master freeware.
2. Download and install ImagerX hack and enable it in X-Master
3. Download and install any of the ImagerX logos. You'll get one in ImagerX hack download - file logo.pdb If you wish to see Cindy Crawford logos, then download it here

How to create your own ImagerX Logo?
1. Download MakeImage program for Windows for converting graphics files to .pdb (files for Palm)
2. Prepare your logo/picture on your desktop computer so it is cropped to size 160x160 pixels and saved in GIF or JPG format (this may be anything you like - your company logo, family member, date...)
3. Convert picture you've just made to pdb format using MakeImage with compression set to None and title set to ImagerX Logo

Screenshot how to make logo

4. If you check Auto Install box, choose Your Hotsync Name and click convert. Then your new logo will be ready for transfer to your Palm - just perform a hotsync. If you do not check Auto Install then you will have to install output file manually.

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