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Strongly recommended Palm Pilot software
You just bought new Palm. That's great; it has Date & Address Book, To Do, Memo... 
How about making it more useful? Download this software and kickstart your Palm!

Chosen Palm OS Utilities, Hacks & Games for download

Download link Description Official (author's) site
Abacus v0.9a Abacus v0.9a - Freeware. Rather old but functional spreadsheet utility. Almost like MS Excel. Needs MathLib
Palm memory used: 120K - Rating: 4
Math Library 1.1 MathLib 1.1 - Freeware. Library of mathematics functions. Needed for Abacus, PAW Calc and every application which uses math...
Palm memory used: 54K - Rating: 5
ToDo+ 3.53 To Do+ v3.52 - Trial. Very good, award winning, replacement for standard Pilot's To Do. Now with FontBucket with plenty of fonts. 
Palm memory used: 120K - Rating: 4+
Hands High Software
World Mate 9.2 World Mate v9.1 - Shareware. All your travel needs in one place. View 4 world clocks compared to your home time, convert currencies with the interactive currencies converter and translate USA, UK and Europe clothes sizes and units, get weather forecast...
Palm memory used: 290-435K - Rating: 5
Mobi Mate
HandScape 4.0 HandScape v4.0 - Shareware. Support for all Palm models; enables grouping icons in tabs, customizing display of your device using views manager, improves battery info, adds drag and drop trash can, resizable sticky notes, analog clock, shows hidden files, customizable...
Palm memory used: 310K - Rating: 4+
Mobi Mate
Launcher X 1.1 Launcher X v1.1 - Shareware. Great successor of Benc's Launcher III. OS 5.0 compatible and in color. In addition to Palm OS support, it also adds a drag-n-drop trash can, beaming capabilities, complete memory and battery info... Supporting memory cards! Try it...
Palm memory used: 187K - Rating: 5
Little Mobile Creations
Country Codes 0.7 Country Codes 0.7 - Freeware. Phone and ISO country codes of almost all world countries.
Palm memory used: 30K - Rating: 4-
Benc Software Production
DiddleBug 2.53 DiddleBug v2.53 - Freeware. Like an electronic yellow-sticky note for your Palm, and you can assign alarms or timers to each sketch to remind you to follow up on whatever you just scribbled. Requires Palm OS 3.5 - if you got older get v2.15
Palm memory used: 105K - Rating: 5
DiddleBug Home Page
Matrix 1.34 Matrix v1.26 - Freeware. You probably saw movie Matrix. This is a "screen saver". It shows a clock while bits of "Matrix code" fall form the top of the screen. It is also a security program. You can lock your Pilot so that strangers won't see your data.
Palm memory used: 16K - Rating: 4
Alex Garza
OmniRemote PRO Omni Remote PRO 2.08- Shareware. Turns your Pilot (or Visor) in remote. Works with almost every TV, VCR... You may download older 1.171 version here or free 2.03 beta here.
Palm memory used: 200K - Rating: 4+

Pacific Neo-Tek

PawCalc 0.9.04 PawCalc 0.9.04 beta - Freeware. Finally great scientific calculator and units converter for free. You may also visit PawEng official site for latest version, not much better and not freeware.
Palm memory used: 54K - Rating: 4+
TealLock 4.70 Teal Lock 4.70 - Shareware. Improves security options on your Pilot. Very easy show/hide private records, lock device, encrypt/decrypt your data...
Palm memory used: 133K - Rating: 5
Teal Point Software
TealDoc 5.54 Teal Doc 5.54 - Shareware. Read (and make) doc files (books, manuals...) on (for) your Palm Pilot. OS 5 Ready.
Palm memory used: 190K - Rating: 5
Teal Point Software
iSilo 3.35 iSilo 3.35 - Shareware. Alternate way to read (and make) doc files (books, manuals...) on (for) your Palm Pilot. OS 5 Ready.
Palm memory used: 343K - Rating: 5
Trivopaedia 1.5 Trivopaedia v1.5 - Freeware. Encyclopedia of useful trivia, features a mountain of information, including airline codes, paper weights and sizes, Oscars, periodic table, wonders of the world, bible versions, football world cups, musical terms... Read readme.txt after download. Also available: iSilo version, Doc version German version
Palm memory used: 190K - Rating: 5
MakeDocW 0.71 Make Doc for Win v0.71 - Freeware. Convert TXT and HTML files into Pilot doc files.
Windows program  - Rating: 4+
MakeImg 1.01 Make Image for Windows v1.01 - Freeware. Convert GIF and JPEG images to Palm PDB image files. View them on Palm using ImagerX
Windows program  - Rating: 4+ 
Water Lou's Workshop
ImagerX 1.02 ImagerX Viewer - Shareware. When you convert windows image to Palm image using MakeImg above, you need this to view it on the Palm.
There are also other good image viewers and converters at FirePad
Palm memory used: 20K + images - Rating: 4
Water Lou's Workshop
Big Clock 2.83 Big Clock v2.83 - Freeware. Improved time, date and alarm for Palm. Added 4 world times, 2 timers, 4 alarms, nice display. 
Palm memory used: 65K - Rating: 4+ 
JR's Bigclock.de
Lines 2.0 Lines 2.0 - Freeware. Game. Like Lines for PC. Now in color for those with color devices.
Palm memory used: 22K - Rating: 4+
Dmitri Kornilov
Vexed 1.3 Vexed 1.3 - Freeware. Very good logical game (60 levels). Make all boxes at a level disappear. 
Palm memory used: 25K - Rating: 4+
Cybertube Software
Solitaire 3.5.2 Solitaire 3.5.2 - Freeware. 3 free solitaire card games like solitaire and free cell Windows games.
Palm memory used: 61K - Rating: 4
Currency 2.4 Currency v2.4 - Freeware. Freeware simple and easy to use currency converter for converting 4 currencies.
Palm memory used: 13K - Rating: 4+
Peter Easton Software
DopeWars 2.3 Dope Wars 2.3 - Freeware. Game. You are dope dealer on the New York City streets.
Palm memory used: 25K - Rating: 4
DopeWars Official Site
Pocket Chess 1.1 Pocket Chess 1.1 - Freeware. Play chess against Pilot (8 levels of difficulty) or human opponent.
Palm memory used: 29K - Rating: 4+
Scott's Pocket Chess
AD&D Assistant AD&D Assistant  - Freeware. Utility to assist you playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, so you will have AD&D character sheet in your Palm Pilot. Very useful for FRP players. 
Palm memory used: 28K - Rating: 5
TwinFeats Software
Die Roller 1.9 Gamer's Die Roller v1.9  - Freeware. Another utility for AD&D players to help you rolling dices (d3, d4, d6, d8, d12, d20 and d100) and assign modifiers. 
Palm memory used: 20K - Rating: 4+
Art Dahm
Code Cracker 2.0 Code Cracker v2.0  - Freeware. Very simple old logic game. The object is to "crack the code" - similar to legendary MasterMind.
Palm memory used: 7K - Rating: 4
Code Cracker
Yanoff 1.4.4* Yanoff v1.4.4 - Freeware. Very good an online and an offline UseNet news reader. It supports NNTP to receive and send newsgroup articles. Click here for latest version.
Palm memory used: 67K - Rating: 4+

*Step-by-step how to connect Palm OS handheld to Internet via cellular phone


- If you have Palm Vx with old OS, you may download upgrade for Palm Vx to OS 3.5 for free.
- If you have Palm or IBM Workpad with OS 3.0 or 3.1, you may update to OS 3.3 for free. More...
- If you have any older Palm model, you may purchase upgrade to Palm OS 4.1 with Mobile Connectivity.
- Palm Desktop v4.1.4 available. Click here to download Palm Desktop 4.1 for Windows.
- Read PDF documents on your Palm using Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS. Click here!
- When you download any Palm OS program you may try it on your PC or Mac using Palm Pilot Emulator.
- You will find the largest Palm OS software collection at: PalmGear. I also recommend visiting Yahoo! Palm section.

Hacks for Palm Pilot / Handspring Visor / Sony CLIE...
Require X-Master to be installed first (or TealMaser for OS 5.0)

Download link Description Official (author's) site
X-Master 1.5 X-Master 1.5 - Freeware. The first, original and rather old  utility for running hacks is HackMaster. X-Master is its free 100% compatible successor. Choose it if you have Palm OS older than OS 5.0 because hacks do not work on new Palm OS 5.0 unless you try to emulate hacks using TealMaster shareware.
Palm memory used: 55K - Rating: 5
TealMaster 2.16 Teal Master 2.16 - Shareware. Hacks are not compatible with new Palm OS 5. However this is emulation program from TealPoint which can run hacks on new Palm OS 5. 
Palm memory used: 90K - Rating: 4+
Teal Point Software
AppHack 1.01 AppHack 1.01 - Shareware. Makes available starting applications using combinations of two buttons. Very old but super useful hack from the maker of HackMaster.
Palm memory used: 9K - Rating: 5
DaggerWare's AppHack
Battery Level 1.4 BatteryLevel Hack 1.4 - Freeware. Improves display of Pilot batteries condition (in percents or voltage).
Palm memory used: 4K - Rating: 4+
ListHack 1.0 List Hack v1.0 - Shareware. Can be very useful because this hack will automatically scroll a standard list box when up/down 'rocker' buttons are pressed, so you do not have to chase and tap up and down arrows on the screen.
Palm memory used: 2K - Rating: 4+
Cindy Logo 3.0 3 Cindy Crawford Logos Hack 3.0 - Freeware. Shows Cindy Crawford logo when you turn on your Palm. All required for installation is in downloaded zip file. Images are rare, very cute and high quality.
Palm memory used: 13K - Rating: 5
Palm Pilot StartUp Logos
3Alarm Hack 1.3 3Alarm 1.3 & 3Alarm Hack - Freeware. Replacement for standard Pilot's alarm settings.
Palm memory used: 16K - Rating: 4
Battery Monitor 1.7 Battery Monitor Hack 1.7 - Shareware. Gives you quite an exact power consumption profile of
your Pilot. Total ON-time, backlight time, serial time, time when Pilot is off, battery life time...
Palm memory used: 18K - Rating: 4+
Peter's Pilot Page
Invert Hack 1.0 Invert Hack v1.0 - Freeware. Makes invert display when the backlight is on. Must have if you wish to see pictures correctly at dark. 
Palm memory used: 1K - Rating: 4
Peter's Pilot Page
Correct Hack Correct Hack 1.1 - Shareware. Similar to auto-correct tool for MS Word for Windows for correcting spelling errors.
Palm memory used: 10K - Rating: 4
Dove Software
MiddleCaps 3.0 Middle Caps v3.0 - Freeware. Using this hack you are able to write capital letters writing regular letters in the part of graffiti area which you define, or, all letters that cross defined line in graffiti area will be written as capital. 
Palm memory used: 7K - Rating: 5
Rui Oliveira
Swipe 1.0 Swipe Hack v1.0 - Freeware. Define up to seven pen actions, each triggered by a simple and quick stroke allowing you to toggle backlight, Graffiti help, beam data, turn off&lock Palm....
Palm memory used: 8K - Rating: 5
ImagerX Hack 1.1 ImagerX Hack v1.1 - Freeware. See ImagerX Logo each time you turn on your Palm Pilot. To create logos, use MakeImg for Windows.
Palm memory used: 3K - Rating: 4+ 
Water Lou's Workshop
FindHack 4.0.5 Find Hack v4.0.5 - Shareware. Replacement for implemented Palm search. Remembers the last 6 searches you did, select applications you want to exclude from the search, use of wildcards ? & * For Palm OS 5.0 compatible version visit official site.
Palm memory used: 19K - Rating: 4+
Florent Pillet

Did you know?

* You can double your HotSync Speed - tap on Prefs, choose Connections, edit Direct Serial, tap on Details and setup speed to 115.200bps (Note: Only applicable if device has Palm OS 3.3 or later and HotSync® Manager v3.0.4 or Palm Desktop v4.1.4 for Windows. Click on the links to download updates.)
* Quickly beam your business card (if you have predefined it) by holding down Address button for a few seconds
* Step-by-step how to connect your Palm OS handheld to Internet via cellular phone - click here.
* Whenever you wanted to find any text in your Palm, you can highlight the text which you want to search. Then tap Find button and the text which you have selected will be automatically pasted in the Find field.
* There is a bug in Palm OS 3.5.0 which "eats" Palm memory whenever you reset the handheld. If you have device with Palm OS 3.5.0 download program Victor to delete orphan memory and then download update to Palm OS 3.5.3 from Palm OS 3.5.x and install it. It will fix the bug.
* To save the money you spend on batteries for your Palm buy 2 pairs of  NiMH rechargeable batteries and charger. Use one pair, while other one recharges, so you will never have to buy batteries again. 
* Using NiMH batteries is real money saver, but you have to do a shortcut symbol followed by .7 (dot 7) to recalibrate the voltage meter on the Pilot. Use this to toggle between different battery types you may use. Buy a default it is Alkaline, but you can toggle NiCd/Rechargeable Alkaline/NiMH, too. Do it in MemoPad and you will see the result of your actions. More help about this...
* To toggle the backlight of the Palm III/V Inverse and Normal, do a shortcut symbol followed by .8 (dot 8) in the number graffiti area. Inverse backlight is necessary to see Images correctly. Do not try shortcut-dot-number other than .7 or .8, because it may cause data loss! - Help
* Pasting large text files into Using Desktop V3 doesn't work if you try 'right-click, paste'. It truncates the file to 4K leaving only one entry, but using CTRL-V or Edit-paste from the menu successfully creates multiple files.
* Much more tips and tricks, undocumented Palm information, hints and more you may find in recently updated great book How to do Everything with Your Palm Handheld, 3rd Edition

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Note about this page: All these programs run correctly on my Palm IIIx and Palm Vx, and should run well at any other device based on Palm OS 3.x or 4.x (hacks are not compatible with new Palm OS 5). Anyway, I can not give you any guarantee for these programs because I am not an author. BTW Medjik Sima is in the web links
Last update: 5. November 2006.

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